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Command, Control & Communication Information System C3IS
Outstanding reliability high battery performance and exceptional durability in even the toughest combat environments.
DHK Eagle 8800 CET improves productivity for your mobile workforce and provides state of the art command and control and communication C³IS to the armed forces Fitted with a High resolution color display And the latest Intel XScale RISC processor, the Eagle 8800CET offers you the best in ergonomic design and ruggedness to support data management in the field.
DHK Part Number :DHK700283-8800CET-1
DHK Part Name :DHK Eagle 8800CET  PCT/GPS/RFID/WiFi
An optional Eagle 8640 CET is perfect for data collection with its enlarged keypad and 1/2 VGA screen. Superb inherent Reliability combined with the ability to withstand the abuse associated with almost any environment means that the Eagle 8800 CET Series delivers long reliable and maintainable service over a long life cycle at the lowest possible cost. The system is designed to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810 requirements for salt and fog, sand and dust, shock and vibration, and can perform while floating in water.
What is the value of your data?
Can you risk losing data collected in the field?
Trust the Eagle 8000CET Series!
Reliability, maintainability and performance are key objectives for the armed forces.
Pushing greater quantities of data to field operatives, reducing or eliminating paper forms and improving data security are all methods used to increase productivity and reduce costs. By streamlining your procedures, reducing management time. And improving data reliability, DHK’s Eagle computers will enhance your performance in the field with exceptional MTBF. When the diversity and volumes of field data reach Critical levels, a high-performance full screen becomes an indispensable tool.
Maximum visibility, quality, security and reliability for your data...
The extreme durability of the Eagle mobile computer from DHK provides you with true data safety in any combat and training environment. The high resolution and con reflective full color screen is easy to read, allowing you to manage data and imagery more effectively whether indoors or outdoors. The interoperability of the Eagle ensures real time data transmission and command, control and communication. Enhance your productivity and minimize the risk of data loss
Ruggedized hardware ensures a reliable and maintainable performance with exceptional MTBF. Designed for field and depot level maintenance .
Outstanding interoperability provided by the Windows CE .NET operating system
The Eagle 8800CET VGA color display supports rich content and is easy to read both indoors and outdoors. This       display is ideal for training and combat involving high density data or graphic content.
• Intel XScale RISC 400MHz processor provides blazing performance.
• Alphanumeric keyboard available on touch-sensitive display.
• 64MB of internal Flash memory and 64MB RAM provide ample storage for your data and whatever software you run.
• Multiple interfaces including USB 2.0 port, Ethernet, IrDa, RS232,etc.
• Optional integrated V92 modem.
• Two PCMCIA interfaces supporting add-on memory (up to 8.2 GB) and peripherals: wireless communications,   instrumentation and other custom devices.
• Increased data safety and protection due to the absence of a hard drive.
• Wide temperature range operability (-4°F / -20°C to +122°F / +50°C)
• Designed for extreme durability, DHK mobile computers comply with the standards IP67 (1 meter immersion in water)   and all MIL-STD-810F tests.
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