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DHK is very familiar with the operations in the Middle East and would like to offer educated, skilled and dedicated Manpower and Field Equipment Support for these overseas ventures. DHK is well positioned to fulfill these needs on a timely basis, with high priority and low cost. DHK labor provided under contract will eliminate regulatory burden and additional overhead expenses. DHK takes full responsibility and manages the effort contracted on time and within budget.
DHK prepares the manpower by holding a minimum of a 2 week training session for each new contract to clearly educate and acclimatize the team and assure awareness of the project goals and objectives. DHK also provides regular weekly and monthly project status reports, clearly outlining the percentage of effort completed and remaining. All reports and communications are provided in full compliance with US DOD standards and accepted commercial practices in the US Defense & Aerospace Industry. DHK makes sure that the workforce complies with all ethical business standards expected by the US DOD and mandated by FARS.

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