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The DHK Stainless Steel Military Canteen is designed with two (2) inch wide mouth and large cap for multiple applications. The soldier has an option to heat the canteen to melt ice and/or boil water for use with MRE’s. The neck is wide enough to accommodate utensils. The DHK Canteen is fully compliant with FDA, NSF and other applicable standards. The DHK Stainless Steel Military Canteen can also be used as a signaling device in the event that a soldier is trapped behind enemy lines. The mirror polished surface can be use to reflect an optical beam of sunlight to rescue helicopters, allowing the soldier to maintain radio silence.

Material- stainless steel 304 for full compliance with FDA regulations.
Gasket material – high temperature Nitrile (FDA & NSF standards) for 100% sealing.
Canteen is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed US Army drawing 8-1-33, items 1-1 & 1-3, 1-2 is replaced with stainless steel beaded chain.
Larger throat area(2”).
Larger cap.
Capacity – 1quart.
The Canteen can be heated on an open flame or Military vehicle’s high temperature surface(s).
Convex surface is brushed for dull surface, concaved surface has a mirror finish.
Designed for thousands of exposures to extreme hot and cold temperatures.
Canteen fits into the standard Cover, Canteen , 1 – quart (NSN#8465-01-F01-0319)
Will meet or exceed Military standard such as MIL –STD – 810 for environmental conditions, MIL-I-45208, MIL-STD-130, MIL – STD -105, and other applicable standards.
Kidney-shaped cup available
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